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Private Sessions

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $40/hour

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced and exciting sport that combines the athleticism of Soccer, the high-flying verticals of Basketball, and the field awareness of Football into one. That's why we created Aspire Ultimate's one-on-one training programs to be tailored to fit any athletic need you might have, regardless of experience level. Brand new to the sport and looking to learn the Six Throws? Choose "Throwing" for your session and we'll teach you the basics PLUS give you actionable practice moves guaranteed to increase your expertise! More interested in transforming your physical form into that of a Frisbeast? Choose "Athleticism" and we'll teach you how to train for explosive speed, staying power, and mental toughness. Whether you're a freshly hatched Frisbee duckling or a wily and grizzled Ultimate veteran, Aspire Ultimate offers a custom, tailor-fit program designed to get you in the game fast!

  • Fitness

    • Speed/Agility/Footworking

      This is an ankle and knee strengthening master class. You’ll learn some “At-Home” techniques for building up your foot and ankle strength, then we’ll spend field time taking an in-depth look at creative and challenging ways to further strengthen your ankles and knees by training for foot speed and agility.

    • Advanced Cardio (Plyometrics, Bodyweight Exercises)

      Ultimate Frisbee is an amazing game requiring an astounding amount of cardiovascular endurance to play for even short periods of time. This course serves as a guide to getting, and staying, cardiovascularly fit through a rigorous plyometric and bodyweight exercise routine designed to strengthen your core and increase your bodies pliability. The best part of this course? You can perform these moves almost anywhere at any time.

  • Disc Skills

    • Throwing Technique Basics

      This course will arm you with the “6 main throws” Frisbee players use 99% of the time to move a disc around the playing field. Inside Out, Outside In, and Flat on both the backhand and forehand side (3throws x 2sides). We’ll cover lunging, pivoting, body angles, arm angles, disc angles, release points…. And much more. Everything your body needs to throw a throw, we’ll throw it! We’ll also teach you the technique behind other important passes, like the hammer, the scoober, and the push-pass!

    • Quarterbacking (Available Throws + Available Open Space)

      When a player gathers information about the current state of play by looking around the entire field before making a decision then they have properly “Quarterbacked” a point. Quarterbacking is far more complex to train than to talk about, but from a mathematical perspective:

      (Assessing Available Open Space + Recognizing Open Cutters) * Choosing The Correct Throw



      Drill wise there’s only so much we can do to train this highly complex concept. Most importantly, we’ll discuss and cover thought exercises you can use to apply Quarterbacking to every game of Ultimate you play.

    • Power and Finesse (Lazerbeam v Float)

      This course covers spin and how to regulate power in your release. We’ll play games of Power and Finesse designed to teach floaty throws for leading “Run-On” discs or zippy throws for working in small windows and tight spaces.

  • Cut Camp

    • Cutting Basics

      “Cutting” is a Frisbee-specific term players use to describe offensive movement on the field. An effective Cut will be swift, deadly, and result in a high degree of Separation from a defender. This course covers the Basics of Separation and equips you with foot-working exercises designed to give you quick choppy steps, fast turning hips, and explosive direction changes.

    • Available Open Space (AOS)

      Available Open Space refers to any current or future open space on the frisbee field that an offense might feasibly be able to attack, or that a defense might be able to feasibly defend. In this course, we’ll cover how you can time your cuts to most effectively utilize AOS. We’ll also introduce techniques you can use to direct others into the best AOS, and how you can set up cuts that take advantage of future Open Spaces.

    • Creating Separation

      This course teaches you some effective ways to Create Separation from your defender. We’ll cover how to effectively make quick, explosive direction changes, how to properly “sell” your cut with body language and athleticism, and dive further into recognizing and attacking Available Open Space.

  • Catching Clinic

    • Catching Technique Basics (The Many Armed Hindu God - Durga)

      Should you clap catch? One hander? Hand upside down? Two hands always? The truth is, every Frisbee player will need to be armed with an arsenal of catches to be effective (and safe). This course will help you develop good catching habits on both sides of your body, and you’ll learn how to properly utilize your “breadbasket”. We’ll also help you make decisions on which hand to use when and why there are times to switch from single to two-handed catches, and visa-versa.

    • Attacking The Disc

      This course covers some of the important mentalities you should have as a player when going in for a catch. You’ll learn the “Go-To” mentality for attacking disc space and how to safely “Body Out” an opponent while claiming your space on the field.

    • Safety

      Though Ultimate Frisbee is touted as a “Non-Contact” sport, contact is often the result of two players vying for a disc or the space in which to attack said disc. This course covers important safety-related concepts all players should adhere to when competing for a frisbee, such as being body aware and purposefully avoiding contact at all costs.



Group Sessions

Limit: 6 people

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $100/group

Designed for groups of 6 or more in mind, Group Classes are for those interested in playing a serious game of Ultimate. The class begins with a full-body warm-up and fast-paced drills designed to get your body and mind into a state of readiness. The rest of the time will be spent playing Ultimate, with breaks for water and focused discussion about the state of the game.


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